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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Park Legacy Program

Honor a loved one, celebrate a milestone, or commemorate an occasion with a special tribute in Denver’s public parks. Click here for Park Legacy FAQs.

Tribute Trees

Whether you want to celebrate an occasion like a birth, wedding, or anniversary, or you want to remember someone close to you, a Tribute Tree is a meaningful memorial that grows stronger and more beautiful with each passing year. The Park People will work closely with you and with Denver Parks & Recreation (DPR) to facilitate the planting of memorial and celebration trees in one of Denver’s beautiful parks.

Tribute Trees are planted twice per year, in March and October, although we accept requests at any time. The cost for a Tribute Tree is $500. Your tree will be tagged with the name of person/people/event being commemorated on the TreeKeeper website, and you'll receive a personalized Tribute Tree certificate.

To request a Tribute Tree, please fill out our form below. Once we have your request, we will contact you via email with instructions guiding you to pay for your tree and choose a specific park and location.

Trees are planted twice per year. The request cut-off deadline for Spring planting is January 31st and the request cut-off deadline for Fall planting is July 31st. 

Now accepting requests for Fall 2024.



Please note: Current policy prohibits the placement of plaques and other signage next to park trees. Additionally, plantings cannot be scheduled in conjunction with ceremonies. Upon request, mulch can be left next to the tree for family and friends to use to complete the planting as part of a ceremony.

Brick Memory Pavers

Behind the Eugene Field House, a historic cottage on the eastern edge of Washington Park, lies a quiet space where people come to enjoy the shade, beauty, and solitude of the Hazel Gates Woodruff Tribute Garden.  You can commemorate a person, relationship, pet, organization, or event with a personalized inscribed brick paver. 

Pavers are installed multiple times per year - during March and October to align with Tribute Trees, and at least once more during the summer depending on amount of pending requests. We do not install pavers during the winter, as the ground is typically too hard due to the temperature. Each brick has space for 3 lines of text (all centered on the brick), with 20 characters per line (spaces and punctuation count as characters; for ALL CAPS: 16 characters per line).  The cost for an engraved paver is $100.

To request a paver, please fill out our form below.

Once we receive your request for a paver, we will reach out via email with instructions to pay and with an estimated timeline for installation. 



Submit a Request

To request a Tribute Tree or brick memory paver, please complete the form below.  For more information, please call 303-722-6262 or email





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