Sunday, October 24, 2021

Robinson Park Playground


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Together, we raised over $65,000 to support the complete redesign of Robinson Park Playground - and to support the health and development of Denver children!

The playground has been under construction over the summer, and we expect will be completed this fall. Stay tuned for a ribbon cutting on October 31st in conjuction with the neighborhood Halloween Parade...!


Partnering for Play

Last summer, The Park People teamed up with a group of passionate residents to raise funds to support the redesign of the Robinson Park Playground in east central Denver.

The park's existing playground equipment was installed in 2000. After twenty years of intensive love and use by Denver children, it is in significant need of an update. Denver Parks and Recreation has planned a complete redesign of the playground to provide today's and tomorrow's children and grandchildren with a rich, engaging experience based on current best practices in playground design. Unfortunately, the funds allocated for the playground and the park's basketball court are not sufficient to cover all the elements of the redesign, including several important features that will enhance the usability and expand the range of ages served by the playground.

So, residents rallied to ensure that Robinson Park Playground will be rebuilt to its full potential! A group of concerned neighbors partnered with The Park People to raise the additional funds needed to help the realize the full design plan. The dollars from this grassroots effort will fund six specific design elements: 

  • Shade Sails to provide much-needed shade cover for playground users and their adults,
  • Musical Instrument Play Features to stimulate the senses with an added element of the play experience,
  • a Sand Play Area to provide a fun and safe creative-play environment for young park users, including the littlest,
  • an Embankment Slide for safe sliding fun,
  • a SmartPlay Cube for stimulating activities, and
  • a Friendship Swing for multi-user, social swinging that playmates or family members can enjoy together!

Reconstruction of the playground is expected to be complete by fall 2021.

Playground Site Plan

Ages 5-12 Play Equipment:


Ages 2-5 Play Equipment:


The playground, play equipment imagery and play surfacing shown are graphic representations and not an exact depiction of the proposed improvements. The
final design may vary. Source of images.


Outdoor play is key to early childhood development. Playgrounds in our parks help children develop creativity, curiosity, confidence, and social skills like cooperation and leadership. They also provide important avenues for physical exercise and help our children burn off all that energy!

- Kim Yuan-Farrell, Executive Director
of The Park People


These added playground features will support the usability of Robinson Park's playground as well as the range of ages and uses that the park provides.

- Denise Sanderson, Chair of the
Robinson Park Playground Committee


Gratitude to our Partners & our Community

Our deep gratitude to the dedicated volunteers on our Robinson Park Playground Committee and to the 180+ families, foundations, and businesses who have contributed to this campaign. This project demonstrates the power of partnership and of community coming together!

A Listing of Robinson Park Playground Contributors


Robinson Park Playground Committee:

Brewster Boyd
Lauren Deaton
Meredith Levy
Erin Osovets
Jamie Resnik
Myra Skinner
Denise Sanderson, Committee Chair
Kim Yuan-Farrell, Park People Executive Director

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