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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Park Legacy.

Park Legacy FAQs

When do I need to request by?

All requests must be submitted by January 31st for Spring Tribute Trees and Memorial Pavers, or by July 31st for Fall Tribute Trees.

When will trees be planted?

Tribute Trees are planted within the first two weeks of March and October, depending on weather. As the beginning of March and October approaches, we will determine the best planting time and will send out notifications as soon as possible.

What if my tree dies?

We try to ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place to give each tree the best opportunity to thrive. However, should a Tribute Tree not survive, we will replace the tree at no cost.

Is there a tag or plaque for dedication?

Because of theft, vandalism, and tree maintenance, it is against park policy to install plaques or memorial markers. However, your tree will be marked with a temporary tag for its first few years, an extra tag will be given to you as well, and your Tribute Tree will be marked on the MyTreeKeeper website to ensure continued tracking and memorialization.

Can I participate in tree planting and/or paver installation?

Due to safety concerns and park policy, participation in tree planting and paver installation is limited. Upon request, mulch can be left next to the tree for family and friends to use to complete the planting as part of a ceremony. The mulch must be spread no later than the weekend after the tree has been planted.

When and where will pavers be installed?

Currently, the engraving company that provides our specific pavers has a 12-week estimate on orders. Please anticipate that your pavers will not arrive until at least May, at the earliest. Once they're installed, you can find them in the Hazel Gates Woodruff Shade Garden just behind the Eugene Field House, a historic cottage in Washington Park (715 S. Franklin St.)






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