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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The Park People Celebrates Earth Day by Adding 1,400 Trees to Denver’s Urban Forest

On Earth Day, Denver’s urban forest gained 1,400 trees as hundreds of new tree owners picked up their baby trees at Denver Digs Trees’ City Park and Sloan’s Lake Park distribution sites and​​​​​​​ hurried home to plant them. As they grow, these trees will give Denverites reason to remember and celebrate this year’s Earth Day for many years to come by making our city greener, cooler, and more beautiful while also saving $225,000 in energy costs, storing eight million pounds of carbon, and managing 52 million gallons of stormwater.   

Best of all, 63% of the new trees found homes in the low tree canopy neighborhoods where they are needed the most. Building up the tree canopy in those areas has long been The Park People’s primary focus. To encourage and enable tree planting, The Park People offers trees for only $10 to residents of 28 low tree canopy neighborhoods. Twelve percent of this year’s tree recipients qualified for “treeships,” which allowed them to receive free trees. 

Hayley Kwasniewski, Thursday, May 11, 2023

Community Connectors - Growing Roots in the Neighborhood

We sat down with Evon Lopez, community organizer, grandmother, student, hiker, tree lover aaand…The Park People’s new Community Connector to talk about her life, her work, her community, and her dreams. At 62, Evon is retired from a 25-year career working with the City and County of Denver as a Human Resource professional. She cares for her infant grandson full time while pursuing a masters degree in Human Resource Management and working tirelessly on behalf of Valverde residents. We asked Evon why she chose to take on the role of Community Connector when she’s already so busy. She responded: “I got into this because I saw it as a way to bring more trees into the Valverde Neighborhood, because I love and honor the people from this neighborhood with all my heart. Yet something has happened, and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s supernatural. I feel like somebody pushed a button in me. I think I’ve fallen for you, trees, The Park People magic. Perhaps I’m smitten, or is it bitten? Community Connectors are important because we teach each other. You teach me about trees and show me how to bring more people in. I speak the language of Valverde and that’s important for The Park People’s work to be successful there."

Hayley Kwasniewski, Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Retraining a Tree with Basal Shoots

We've been experiencing a lot of hot temperatures that can be affecting Denver's trees. Do you think the top of your tree has died? Here are some signs that may be the case: brittle branches, no signs of buds or leaves, breakage, and discoloration.

If the tree has basal shoots coming out from the bottom of the trunk, there may be hope for it yet! Retraining may be a good way to save the tree. This process alters which branch is leading the growth at the top of the tree, replacing what has died with a strong, more viable branch.

But first, let's start at the beginning. Read this blog for a How-To on retraining a tree.

Hayley Kwasniewski, Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Summertime Tree Care

With summer right around the corner, young will trees need your extra support to stay healthy. Healthy trees are better able to withstand drought, fight off pests, and flourish. After proper planting, watering is the most essential activity for establishing trees. This post has resources on watering, and some good information on supporting pollinators and managing one of Denver's most damaging pests. Want to learn how to tackle those pesky Japanese Beetles? Or tips for when to water your trees? We've got all that and more. Plus, if this blog doesn't answer all your questions, feel free to reach out to us at to get some answers.

Hayley Kwasniewski, Tuesday, June 7, 2022





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