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Apply for Trees!

Over the past 35+ years, the Denver Digs Trees program has provided more than 60,000 trees to Denver residents, helping to enhance quality of life in our city. 

Trees beautify our neighborhoods, improve air and water quality, enhance property values, lower utility costs, and much more!


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Spring 2020

Tree Distribution





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Apply for Trees!



Due to extremely high demand, we have sold out of trees. 

But wait, there's good news...

As application processing continues, trees will become available. If you’d like to be put on the waitlist, please complete the form below and return it to us as soon as possible. Trees will be assigned based on species availability, in the order they were received.* The more flexible you are on the species, the higher likelihood there is that you will be able to get a tree this spring. So, be sure to fill in the section called “If my 1st choice of species is not available.”  

Please download, complete, and return (email or mail) the pdf form below. Be sure to save it first, and then fill it in.  If you fill it in first, and then save - you will lose your information!


Return ASAP!
Mail: 1510 S. Grant St. Denver, CO 80210

Denver Digs Trees will also be hosting our annual Arbor Day Tree Sale on April 25th offering a variety of beautiful fruiting, flowering, and shade trees (for planting on private property only).  These trees will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and non-Denver residents are welcome to shop the sale too.  The sale will be from noon to 2pm at both Sloan’s Lake and City Park.  Find more information about the Arbor Day Tree Sale HERE

*Please be aware that completing a waitlist application does not guarantee you will receive a tree.



Important Info:

For each tree you request, you MUST identify whether it is a 'Street Tree' or a "Yard Tree.' You may apply for 'Street Trees, 'Yard Trees,' or both!

    'Street Trees' are for planting along the street (in the public right-of-way)*
These trees may be planted either in the 'tree lawn' (area between the sidewalk and the curb) or, in the absence of a tree lawn, at a distance within 10 feet of the curb. In many cases, the public right-of-way extends into your yard!
    'Yard Trees' are for planting in your yard (on private property)*
These trees may be planted in front, back, or side yards. At a site without a 'tree lawn' these are any trees planted 11 feet or more from the curb.  
* The City of Denver requires permits to be issued for planting in the public right-of-way.  As a part of our service to applicants, Site Inspectors will visit each potential 'Street Tree' site to confirm proper spacing, mark planting location, and approve the permit.  We will NOT conduct site inspections for 'Yard Trees,' so you will need to plan carefully on your own.


The per-tree fee is based on the neighborhood in which the tree will be planted.  'Target neighborhoods' receive trees for especially low fees due to several factors, including particularly low tree cover.  Click this link for a list of Target neighborhoods.  Visit or call 311 to find your official neighborhood.  On average, it costs The Park People $150 to provide a tree.  Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to subsidize much of this expense.

    Standard Fee: $35 per tree

    'Target' Neighborhood Fee:  $10 per tree

    'Treeship' Fee Waiver:  Applicants facing financial hardship may apply to receive all trees FREE


The Denver Digs Trees program is for planting addressses within the City and County of Denver only.  But wait, there's good news!  If you live outside of Denver, you are welcome to shop our Arbor Day Tree Sale, where you can choose from a variety of highly discounted fruiting, flowering, and shade trees.


3 Steps to Apply:

STEP 1: Measure Your Property & Have Utilities Marked

Carefully follow these important spacing requirements to determine the appropriate number and placement of tree(s).

 -  Plant at least 5 feet away from buried utility lines (REQUIRED: Call 1-800-922-1987 to have your underground utilities marked - a FREE service)
 -  Plant at least 10 feet away from existing dead, dying, or over-mature trees that will be removed within three years
 -  Plant medium or large shade tree(s) at least 35 feet away from other large trees (trees 30 feet or taller at maturity) and at least 25 feet away from small ornamental trees (trees 25 feet or shorter at maturity)
 -  If your or a neighbor's property has solar panels, contact our office
 -  Plant at least 10 feet away from driveways, alleys, and fire hydrants
 -  Plant at least 30 feet away from the curb at an intersection
 -  Plant at least 20 feet away from streetlights and stop signs
 -  Plant at least 20 feet away from overhead multi-strand power lines (this does NOT apply to single strand wires, such as street light and telephone wires)
 -  Plant at least 15 feet away from your home and other buildings
 -  Plant on the east or west side of your home to maximize shade cover and energy savings (Note: South side plantings are not recommended for saving home energy in most cases because winter shading blocks passive solar heating and may limit the potential for solar energy benefits)
 -  Assess other potential obstructions for the tree's mature height and spread
 -  Small trees (25 feet or shorter at maturity) will ONLY BE APPROVED for planting sites that DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE ROOM FOR MEDIUM/LARGE TREES.
 -  Small trees are reserved for planting sites under multi-strand overhead power lines, or without space to plant at least 15 feet from buildings and at least 35 feet from other trees
 - Plant small trees at least 30 feet from streetlights, stop signs, and intersections.
 - Plant small trees at least 25 feet from other trees.
 - Other applicable spacing requirements above must be strictly followed.

STEP 2: Submit a Waitlist Tree Application

Applications reviewing on a rolling basis

*All species currently sold out. However, the sooner we receive your application and payment, the better chance you'll have of getting your first choice of tree(s). 


STEP 3: Pick Up Your Tree(s) on Distribution Day

Tree Distribution Day: Sat. April 25  -  Mark your calendar!

In mid April, you'll receive a letter to confirm which tree(s) you've been approved for and where to pick up your tree(s) between 8:00-10:30am.


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including information about applying for trees, the size and transport of trees, planting and care, and more.

Preview the  Preview 2020 Tree SpeciesIf a new window does not open with the PDF document, check your Downloads folder. (Download Adobe PDF Reader here).









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