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The Benefits of Parks & Greenspaces

Our city parks are crucial places for health, livability, and vibrancy of our communities. Parks are important resources for relaxation and recreation in the urban environment. They are settings for both physical activity and mental restoration. They are fundamental to the social fabric of our communities, providing opportunities for interaction among family members, between friends, strangers, and generations, and among diverse members of our community. Parks are reflections of our cultural identities, communal, democratic spaces in civic life, and affordable resources for recreation, health, and social cohesion that are (or should be) accessible by all. Parks also help balance the hard, built surfaces of our city. And they serve essential infrastructure functions in our urban ecosystem, absorbing storm water and preventing flooding, providing habitat and corridors for urban wildlife, and housing vast swaths of our urban forest - the lungs, pollutant filters, and air conditioning units of our cities.

To get a full picture of the important benefits that parks, gardens, natural areas, and trees provide in our cities, check out this amazing compilation of nearly 40 years of scientific research. Nice and easy Fast Facts... full citations for the original studies... the Green Cities: Good Health site is a great resource from the University of Washington!

The Benefits of City Trees

Denver’s trees provide $122 million in environmental services and benefits to our communities every year!




For a fun and informative briefing on the environmental, economic, and social benefits of our urban trees check out this cool video from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System -- just click on the Start button in the frame to the right.

Learn about Emerald Ash Borer

Learn about this invasive insect that threatens to destroy Denver's 330,000 ash trees - that's 1 in 6 trees!

Become a Community Forester

Learn about a wide variety of urban forestry topics through our workshop series that cultivates knowledgeable and skilled volunteers.  Workshops include Trees 101 (tree anatomy and physiology, benefits of trees, common myths about trees), Planting & Health, Pruning, Identification, and Volunteer Leadership & Community Engagement. Learn more about the Community Forester program.


Click here to learn how to properly handle and plant container, balled-and-burlapped, and container trees.


Check out this list of tips for caring for your new and mature trees.


All About Trees:

Denver's Interactive Street Tree Inventory Map

Free & Low-Cost Trees via Denver Digs Trees, Frequently Asked Questions for Denver Digs Trees

Denver City Forester's List of Acceptable Street Tree Species

Denver's List of Licensed Tree Contractors

List of Denver Arboreta - check out a great local arboretum, a botanical garden devoted to trees!

Tree Toolkit for Educators


All About Parks:

Denver's Park Score - find some basic facts about our park system and how it compares to other US cities


Other Related Community Resources:

Annual Mulch Give-Away & Compost Sale

Colorado State University Extension (our state's land-grant university)

CSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic








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