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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Workforce Development Program

Providing a pathway to meaningful work in a growing field

A well-staffed, robust tree care sector is essential for the health and resilience of our cities. However, we are facing a shortage of workers needed to grow, plant, and care for our urban forest. 

That’s why The Park People is creating a new Workforce Development Program in Urban Forestry. Launching as a pre-apprenticeship in 2022, this training program will prepare adults from diverse backgrounds for meaningful career paths with family-supporting wages. Participants will explore forestry career pathways through classroom, work-based, and hands-on learning. Upon completion of the program, pre-apprentices will be encouraged to apply to the Colorado Arborist Apprenticeship Program or pursue employment opportunities in private tree care, municipal forestry, seedling production, tree planting, urban wood reuse, or higher education.

The pre-apprenticeship program will facilitate partnership with various organizations in Denver and across Colorado to immerse participants in a full ecosystem of support, including critical wrap-around services like clothing, housing, and transportation. Cultivating every-day job skills and training in tree care will be a central goal in these partnerships, expanding the scope of opportunities for participants. The pre-apprenticeship program will also connect pre-screened and trained potential hires with employers to help bridge the gap between qualified tree-industry workers and the urban forestry sector.





For more information about the Workforce Development Program, please contact:

Madeleine Hooker 
Urban Forestry Workforce Development Manager, The Park People

To help fund the Workforce Development Program, please contact:

Hayley Kwasniewski 
Development Manager, The Park People

Thank you to our supporters!

Special thanks to the Zofnass Family  for funding the planning and development phase of this program. Their generosity has been invaluable, granting us the capacity to ensure that this program is structured wisely to meet critical community and industry-wide needs.







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