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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tree Sale

We are wrapping up our spring planting events and are inventorying our remaining trees. We will update our inventory here as soon as possible. Please email if you'd like to be notified when our remaining trees are available for sale.

Additional sales will be made by appointment.

The Park People's annual tree sale is open to everyone! We offer trees with beautiful flowers, fruit, and fall color!  By shopping this sale, not only are you getting a great deal, but you are also supporting the costs of the hundreds of trees we distribute to residents each year through the Denver Digs Trees program.

Everyone is welcome. You do not have to live in Denver to shop the sale! 

Prices: $50 -$100, depending on size and stock type of tree.  Cash, Check and Cards accepted.

Trees are available in limited quantities and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  Arrive at the beginning for the best selection.  Species will include those listed below and also a limited selection of unclaimed trees from our Denver Digs Trees distribution.

All sale trees must be planted on private property (not in the public right-of-way).  Planting along the street requires a site inspection and issuance of a City permit in advance. 

Cortland Apple (Malus ‘Cortland) 

8’H x 8’W | Water requirements: Medium | Full Sun

The Cortland Apple is a cross between a McIntosh and a Red Davis. The abundant reddish-yellow fruit tastes both sweet and tart.  It is late to bloom which is good protection from Colorado’s late spring frosts and will produce fruit from September – November. Self-pollinating. Expect fruit after 2-5 years.


Cleveland Select Flowering Pear (Pyrus calleyrana ‘Cleveland Select’)

30'H x 15’W | Water requirements: Medium | Full Sun

This pyramidal pear tree’s compact form fits nicely into narrow spaces although it is often planted too close to buildings. Make sure to measure! It has profuse white flowers in the spring and glossy green foliage that turns reddish purple in the fall. The Cleveland Select also has good fireblight resistance, is less susceptible to early freezes than other pear varieties, and features an inedible fruit only a ½-inch wide.


  Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry (Amelanchier x grandiflora ’Autumn Brilliance')

15’H x 15’W | Water requirements: Low-Medium | Full Sun

The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry features a spreading, vase shaped growth habit. It has spectacular white flowers, edible fruit that attracts birds, purplish young leaves, and brilliant red fall color. Berries are very similar to blueberries in taste and size and can be made into pies and jams or eaten fresh. Tolerant of a wide variety of soils. Shade intolerant.


Elberta Peach (Prunus ‘Elberta’)

15’H x 15’W | Water requirements: Medium | Full Sun

This is one of the most popular peaches for home growers. It is self-pollinating and requires at least 6-8 hours of sunshine a day to produce fruit. As with all peaches, blooms can emerge early and freeze off before fruit production, protect from spring frost if possible. The fruit of the Elberta is yellow-fleshed and freestone.


 Hedelfingen Cherry (Prunus avium ‘Hedelfingen’)

15’H x 15’W | Water requirements: Medium | Full Sun

The flowers bloom mid-season on this sweet cherry, which then turn to dark red, sweet fruit in late summer – early fall, making it a reliable choice for Colorado. It is a tidy tree with picturesque cherries that produces fruit quite young. The Hedelfingen is not self-fertile and does require a pollinator. Some varieties that will pollinate include Stardust, Black Gold, White Gold, and Sweetheart.


Comice Pear (Pyrus ‘Comice’)

12’H x 12’W | Water requirements: Medium | Full Sun

These are the pears that come in gift boxes, which gives them the nickname ‘Christmas Pears’. Their round fruit is green with a red blush having a sweet, mellow flavor and creamy texture. They need regular water to fruit but the trees can survive on less if need be. They are a little picky about soil types, intolerant of salt and thriving in a garden loam. While not self-fertile, the are cross-pollinated by the Summercrisp, which was a sale tree in 2022.


We also offer limited quantities of trees which went unclaimed from our Denver Digs Trees distribution.





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