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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Adopt a Tree!

West Denver residents in Valverde, Barnum, Barnum West, West Colfax and Villa Park can apply now to adopt a tree this fall. Plant shade and fruit trees to cool your home, yard, and neighborhood, and help make your community more climate resilient and resident to extreme heat.

Welcome to the home of The Park People's Community Tree Adoptions where, this fall...

Barnum, Barnum West, Valverde, Villa Park, and West Colfax...

Dig Trees!

If all our neighbors plant a tree this fall, we can grow a shade forest together.

 To adopt a tree:

First, read the information below and then...

Start your application using the Gray Button at the bottom

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Before You Apply!

What types of trees are available?

Check out the Available Tree Species & Descriptions

Who can apply to adopt a tree?

Anyone wanting to plant trees in Barnum, Barnum West, Valverde, Villa Park or West Colfax neighborhoods.

You can plant your tree(s) on public or private property.

You can plant at single-family residences, multiple-family residences and apartment buildings, businesses, non-profits, places of worship, schools, and more. 

Where and when will I pick up my adopted tree(s)?

Adoption Day: Saturday, October 14th, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Where? Depending on where you live, you'll be assigned to pick up your tree(s) from either:

  • Southwest Improvement Council in Barnum West, at 5045 1st Ave.
  • Florence Crittenton High School in Valverde, at 55 S. Zuni St.

What are "street trees," and what are "yard trees"?

Street Trees are planted along the street (in the public right-of-way). Street trees can be planted in the 'tree lawn' (the area between the sidewalk and the curb). If you don't have a tree lawn, street trees are planted up to 10 feet from the curb.

Yard Trees are planted in your yard (on private property). Yard trees can be planted in front, back, or side yards. In yards that don't have a 'tree lawn', yard trees are any trees planted 11 feet or more from the curb.

SPACING: Trees need room to grow. We also want to grow as many big trees as possible to make more shade and cool our streets, homes and neighborhoods. Follow these guidelines to adopt the best-sized tree:

Medium to Large Trees: should be spaced thirty-five (35) feet apart, but they can vary from 25-40’. Look for the canopy width at maturity per the species descriptions. Check to see if such spacing allows the tree to avoid streetlights or utilities.

Ornamental (Small) Trees: should be spaced twenty (20) feet apart, but they can vary from 15-25’ apart. Look for the canopy width at maturity, per the species descriptions. Check to see if your spacing will allow you to avoid other requirements like existing/proposed infrastructure, including streetlights and utilities.


TIP: Measure your tree site before starting your application!



Each tree costs The Park People over $175. That's too much for most of us! Our generous sponsors and donors help pay for most of this cost.

  • $10 per tree to community members
  • $5 per shrub
  • FREE:  If your bills are tight this month, just check "Treeship". You'll get ALL your trees FREE! It's that simple. Because it's that important to grow more trees to cool our communities.

Can you deliver or plant my tree(s) for me?

We know most folks enjoy being able to plant and care for their trees themselves.

But help is available if you need it! We can deliver your tree, and we can also schedule a "digger crew" to help you plant it, and talk with you about how to take care of it, so it will grow big. Be sure to select these options on your application.

Got questions?

We know you have questions. We've been doing this for 40 years, our Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to most of them - check it out! 

Whose responsibility is it?

We spent last Spring talking with residents in Barnum and Valverde about how climate and extreme heat is impacting our neighborhoods. We heard you say that a lot is expected of individuals, and not enough of corporations and sometimes government. Our Community Connectors we will be exploring localized, community-oriented greening solutions that bring in more corporate partners to invest in this work.

Meanwhile, one tree can shade one house; a thousand trees can shade a neighborhood. Together, we can adopt, plant, and care for a community forest that cools our neighborhoods and lowers our energy bills. 

Apply Now!

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