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Complimentary Neighborhood Tree Pruning

Local nonprofit organization, The Park People, is delighted to team up with the Denver Office of the City Forester and our Community Forester volunteers to prune trees for stop sign visibility and sidewalk clearance in Denver.  This project will improve public safety and walkability and is a completely free service for the community.

If you prefer to decline this complimentary service. Click Here to Opt-Out by Fri, July 26th

Frequently Asked Questions

What trees or branches will be pruned?

  1. Trees that obstruct motorists' view of stop signs and that interfere with the safe use of city sidewalks will be prioritized.  We will prune branches that are blocking motorists' view up to 150' from stop signs and fully or partially hanging 6.5' or less over sidewalks.
  2. Trees may be located in the public right-of-way or in your yard with branches hanging in the right-of-way.
  3. We may also prune branches that will likely grow into the right-of-way within the next 1-2 years.

Will you contact me before you prune my tree?

No, this is your only notice of pruning work to be completed this summer.

Can I have you prune only a specific tree or leave a specific tree alone?

We will prune all trees on the property that are impacting sidewalk or stop sign clearance.  If you do not want us to prune a specific tree, you need to opt-out of pruning altogether and have the work completed yourself.

How often will you be doing pruning work in my neighborhood?  Can I have you do the work later?

We will not be back in your neighborhood in the foreseeable future, so as we assess and prune trees, we are taking their growth potential for 1-2 years into account.  This means, we may prune branches of trees with near-term future growth into the public right-of-way.  If your trees need pruning now and you opt-out of having our volunteers prune your trees, you are responsible for having the work completed.

What is the public right-of-way?

While this space varies from parcel to parcel, for this project's purposes, the public right-of-way is generally the "tree lawn" space between the sidewalk and the curb or, in the absence of a "tree lawn," the space within 10 feet of the curb.

Will you prune bushes?

We may prune bushes if they pose a current or near-term blockage to the public right-of-way.

Do I need to be home when you are pruning my tree?

No, you do not need to be present.

I want to be present when my tree is pruned.  Can you schedule an appointment?

It is not possible for us to make appointments.   If you have concerns about having your trees pruned by volunteers, you should opt-out and hire a contractor.

Can I prune my trees myself?

Yes!  If you wish to prune your trees yourself or have a qualified contractor do it, please opt-out of our pruning program.  Denver Forestry requires you take action to have your trees pruned to a 6.5' clearance over the sidewalk and/or that your stop sign be visible from a distance of 150'.

What if I am unhappy with the job done by the volunteers?

Our volunteers have been trained by Denver Forestry staff in proper pruning techniques that will enable proper growth and health of your trees.  Forestry staff will be onsite when the volunteers are pruning your tree(s).  If you have concerns about having your trees pruned by volunteers, you should opt-out.  It will be your responsibility to have the work completed.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer:  Visit our Get Involved page to learn about the many ways you can volunteer to support Denver's parks, open space, and urban forest.  We also encourage you to learn more about the Community Forester program, a partnership between The Park People, Denver Forestry, and dedicated residents throughout Denver.

Donate:  Individual contributions make the work of our organization and our programs possible.  Visit our Ways to Give webpage to make a donation.  We appreciate your support!

If I choose to opt out of this scheduled pruning, is there a list of qualified tree care companies I can hire to prune or remove my tree?

Yes. In Denver, anyone performing tree care services, including pruning and removal, must be licensed as a "Tree Service Company."  The City of Denver's Forestry Office provides a current list of companies licensed to perform tree work in the City & County of Denver.







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