Earth Day Yard Tree Sale

Plant a tree in your yard to add color, shade, or edibles to your landscape!  The Park People's annual Earth Day Yard Tree Sale offers great deals and supports the hundreds of low-cost trees we distribute to Denver residents each year. Trees are available in limited quantities and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yard trees must be planted on private property (not in the public right-of-way).  Planting along the street requires a site inspection and issuance of a City permit in advance.

The sale will take place on Saturday, April 16th. Trees are available in limited quantities and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
Stanley Plum - $65
Prunus domestica 'Stanley'
This popular European plum is an excellent producer, yielding large bluish-purple, tender fruits with sweet, juicy, yellow flesh.  Fruits ripen in early September and are good for fresh eating, drying, and canning.  This hardy, vigorous tree matures at 15-20 feet tall with a 15-30 foot spread.  It is self-fertile, though yields more heavily when pollinated by another plum variety.
Reliance Peach - $65
Prunus persica 'reliance' 


Peaches were originally cultivated in Ancient China, first appearing in writings around 1000 BC. The reliance peach is renowned for its hardiness and high yields, maturing to a height of 25-30 feet and a similar spread. This variety is self-pollinated and after 3-5 years, yields the famous pink peach blossom in early spring and its even more famous fruit in late summer. It is highly frost-tolerant and requires regular thinning.


Montmorency Cherry - $65
Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency'
This vigorous cherry produces excellent fruit for pies, jams, and preserves.  Its medium sized fruit has firm, yellow flesh with rich, tart, tangy flavor.  The Montmorency Cherry is a self- fertile semi-dwarf tree that reaches 15-20 feet tall and 12-15 feet wide.  The fruit is very crack resistant and ripens in mid-summer.
Honeycrisp Apple - $45
Malus x domestica 'Honeycrisp'
In mid-September, the Honeycrisp Apple produces medium-sized fruits with coarse, cream-colored flesh, exceptionally crisp, juicy texture, and sweet/tart flavor.  The apples are excellent for fresh eating and for cooking and store up to six months.  The tree matures to 15-20 feet tall and is self-sterile, requiring a cross-pollinator (another apple variety or a crabapple).
Rocky Mountain Glow Bigtooth Maple - $65
Acer grandidentatum

This hardy Rocky Mountain native grows to 20-25 feet tall with a similar spread.  Its leaves feature the distinctive maple shape with 3-5 lobes and can turn hues of yellow, orange-red, and red in the fall.  Once established, the Bigtooth Maple is drought tolerant and has no pest or disease issues.
Highland Park Maple - $65
Acer grandidentatum x saccharum

This hardy Rocky Mountain native grows to 30-40 feet tall with a 20 foot spread.  It grows in a compact, pyramidal crown and is known for its striking fall colors.  It does best in full sunlight and like its close cousin, the Rocky Mountain Bigtooth, the Highland Park Maple is drought tolerant and has no pest or disease issues.
Hot Wings Tatarian Maple - $45
Acer tataricum 'Garann'
This particular tree stands out from all the other Tatarian maples for six weeks every summer with its breath-taking scarlet red samaras (helicopters) contrasting with the rich green foliage giving it an appearance of being in bloom. In the spring, clusters of yellow-white flowers cover the tree after the leaves appear. Fall leaf color transforms from orange-red on the outside of the tree to yellow in the middle. Hot Wings also has strong branch unions making it less prone to storm breakage than other Tatarian maples.
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry - $45
Amelanchier x grandiflora 'Autumn Brilliance'
The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry features a spreading, vase shaped growth habit, maturing at 15-25 feet tall with a similar spread.  It has spectacular white flowers, edible fruit that attracts birds, purplish young leaves, and brilliant red fall color. This tree should be planted in full sunlight.






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