Denver Digs Trees

The Denver Digs Trees program helps residents cultivate greener, healthier, more livable communities. The program provides Denver residents with affordable trees for planting on both public and private property. We offer a variety of species appropriate for Colorado's climate and the urban environm

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: All available trees have been reserved for 2015!  However, we are accepting waitlist applications.  If you are interested in applying for trees, we strongly recommend that you submit one, as trees will become availble as we proceed with our review process. Do NOT fill out an online application as it will not be successfully processed!  Instead, download a WAITLIST APPLICATION, complete it, and either email, fax, or mail it to us. If a tree becomes available,  you will be notified prior to April 18th. 

To improve tree survivorship and help the program become more cost-effective, we are combining our two tree distributions into a single distribution of both street and yard trees in the spring. These low-cost trees are available to all Denver residents, and we provide trees for especially low fees to residents in our 27 target neighborhoods. Find out which Denver neighborhood you live in.

Applications for low-cost and free street and yard trees are available now and due March 6th.  The distribution will be held Saturday, April 18, 2015.  To view the 2015 tree species before beginning your online application, view pages 4 and 5 of this PDF document.  Availability is limited, so apply today!

Looking for fruit trees or ornamental trees for your yard?  Consider shopping our Earth Day Yard Tree Sale!


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Street Trees

Street trees are planted close to the curbside in the "tree lawn" between the sidewalk and curb or, in areas with no tree lawn, 10 feet into the yard from the curb. Street trees beautify our neighborhoods and improve our quality of life, including traffic calming, decreased crime, improved air and water quality, and enhanced property values.

Shade Trees For Your Yard

We provide low-cost shade trees for private property planting. Strategically planted, the shade of these medium or large trees can reduce the amount of energy needed to cool your home, which results in lower energy bills and less carbon released into the atmosphere. These trees also enhance property values, buffer noise, and provide shelter for birds and other wildlife.

Earth Day Yard Tree Sale

In addition to providing low-cost street trees and low-cost medium and large sized yard trees, The Park People hosts our annual Earth Day Yard Tree Sale. This sale is held in conjunction with tree distribution day and offers great prices on quality trees. Sale proceeds support the cost of the heavily subsidized and free trees we offer each year. Depending on availability, the sale has frequently included small ornamental trees, trees with striking fall color, and fruit trees. Check here for updates about the tree sale.

All trees planted through Denver Digs Trees are registered with the City's Mile High Million tree campaign. So your new tree(s) will become part of this Denver metro area effort!


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