Who We Are


Kim Yuan-Farrell, Executive Director - Master's degree in Environmental Management (Yale University's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies), bachelor's in Anthropology and Environmental Studies (Santa Clara University).  Kim has worked at a number of nonprofits in Colorado, California, and Connecticut.  Kim serves on the Board of Directors of Community Shares and is an alum of the 2010 Denver Community Leadership Forum.  Kim raises funds for The Park People's programs and capital projects, oversees the management of the Gates Tennis Center, and works with our board on strategic organizational development.  Prior to becoming Executive Director, Kim served as our Program Manager for four years, overseeing The Park People's urban forestry programs.  In addition to her passion for urban forestry, Kim cares deeply about parks, the environment, civic engagement, and our communities.


Chad Reischl, Program Manager Denver Digs Trees - Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning (UC-Denver), bachelor's in Architecture (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee).  Chad has a diverse background in architecture, landscaping and urban planning for healthy and sustainable communities.  He is a long-time volunteer with The Park People, going through the program's first Community Forester training program.  Chad joined the staff of the Park People twice while working on his Master's degree, most recently filling in during Kim's maternity leave in spring of 2013.  Chad currently is working full time in charge of the Denver Digs Trees' Spring Street and Yard Tree Distribution and facilitating the Community Forester Program.  In addition to his work at The Park People, Chad is the co-president of the West Colfax Association of Neighbors and is highly committed to helping creating a highly sustainable urban neighborhood in west Denver.  Chad enjoys hiking, vegetable gardening, xeric landscape design, and (of course) trees.


Spencer Roberts, Program Associate Denver Digs Trees - Bachelor's degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCB 2012.  In addition to his background in science, Spencer has variety of experience with fundraising and tree-planting, most notably in organizing CU Boulder's first and second annual Slacking for Trees fundraisers.  He is particularly interested in bridging the gap between science education and environmental activism.  When not working part-time with The Park People, he can be found slacklining, bird-watching, or participating in other tree-related hobbies.




Adrian Camacho, Mile High Tree Champions Project Coordinator - Master's Degree in Forest Science (Yale University's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies), bachelor's in Biology (Colby College).  Adrian coordinates tree plantings for the Mile High Tree Champions program.  Before moving to Denver, Adrian was the Forestry Manager for the parks department in Louisville, Kentucky for six years, and an Americorps volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for two years.  He has volunteered with the Denver Digs Trees Program for three years.  In addition to being passionate about trees, Adrian spends his time raising his two small children, turning his little slice of the Barnum neighborhood into an urban farm, and botanizing/bug surveying his way around metro Denver.



Executive Committee

  • Tim Buchannan, President
  • Laurie Chahbandour
  • Chris Chavez
  • Sally Hooks
  • Mark Lauriha
  • Kathleen Rust
  • Charles (Chuck) Warren

Board (2013-2014)

  • Mark Bailey
  • Gregg Brown
  • Bill Cook
  • Kathryn Dudley
  • Bridget Fisher
  • Scott Gilmore, Ex Officio
  • Johanna Kelly
  • Ward Phelps
  • Scott Robson
  • Andy Shopneck
  • Catherine Stanton
  • John L. (Larry) Wiberg, MD


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